We are proud to introduce a new feature with Bruce and Nolan of Post Typography. They are a great part of the Baltimore creative community, creating music, art and design through their Post Typography agency and various bands including Double Dagger and Pure Junk.  This Saturday, December 7th they will be hosting a holiday sale
This was the release show for the second Double Dagger album, Ragged Rubble, and one of many awesome shows that Double Dagger played at the original Current Gallery space on Calvert Street. We were excited to share the stage (the floor) with two of our favorite Baltimore bands, The New Flesh and Thank You. Denny’s new solo project, Smart Growth, opened the show with Denny playing drums along with chopped up samples of Genesis songs. Normally for concerts at Current, all of the artwork was cleared out of the room before the bands played. However, a rug-fort installation by Michael Cataldi was bolted to the middle if the gallery floor and couldn’t be moved, making the space a bit cramped. Luckily, Cataldi’s piece was quite sturdy and easily survived several moshing teenagers falling into it at various points during the show.     -Bruce Willen