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There are many different reasons for going to a casino. Some do go for the gambling, but others might go for the entertainment on offer, and some might go because there are often great restaurants within casino complexes too, making for a well-rounded evening out. Dressing up is a great way of making your experience that much more enjoyable because it will feel extra special, and there’s always great casino fashion to look out for.

Dressing glamorously is guaranteed to get you attention and perhaps extra special service from the staff, so if attention is what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to go all out with cocktail dresses and your best Friday night fashion, but remember that it needs to be a classier version of what you might wear to a club-so no high hemlines, no low neck lines, and generally a more sophisticated air about your clothing. Casinos turn away anyone they consider inappropriately dressed so as long as you stay within these rules you will be fine.

If you are a more understated person, you could even go from work wear to evening wear by adding some sparkly jewellery and killer heels to your office trouser suit or shift dress. This is an easy look if you are planning on going to a casino with work colleagues after work.

A ¾ length slim fit trouser with a structured blouse and killer heels is sexy and stylish and as both stylish and comfy. If you want to go for a more girly look, you could wear a cocktail dress and this would be a good option if you are planning on taking in the entertainment and going for dinner as it shows that you are there to have fun and enjoy the evening

If you are there to actually gamble this is also a good look as it’s a good way of psyching out your fellow players and making them feel like you might be a professional!  It’s also important to be comfortable if you plan on playing casino games. Pencil skirts with a high waist and camisoles or blouses tucked in can also look smart and pretty if you don’t feel like wearing a dress, and both skirt combo’s and dresses can be smartened up with a sharp structured blazer.