I can’t think of anything less exciting than Harvard University, an institution defined by it’s absurd amount of nerds  (lame) and their absurd amounts of money (double lame). So naturally I was surprised to hear that within their university’s library they had discovered no less than three books bound in human flesh. Awesome. Well it turns out that wasn’t entirely true, one of the books was recently debunked as being bound in sheepskin. Not awesome. You might as well bind a book in condoms. Oddly enough that particular book’s inscription reads: “The bynding of this booke is all that remains of my dear friende Jonas Wright, who was flayed alive by the Wavuma on the Fourth Day of August, 1632.”


Look maybe all 17th century sheep had first and last names, I wouldn’t know because I didn’t go to Harvard. Whatever, I’m still holding onto the idea there are at least two books in their library hopefully made of people. Ugh, if I had known I could attend a college where I’d be able to check out the Necronomicon for the weekend maybe I wouldn’t have blown off the SATs in favor of breakfast at Arby’s.