It might seem unusual at first, but magician David Blaine is the perfect person to replace Dave Letterman:

1.  History: Talk shows and magicians have a rich history together.  Johnny Carson a magician and frequently had magicians on his show, as does Letterman

2.  Simplicity: By being both named David it will be less confusing for Paul Schafer and the band, whom we hope will stay on.  Though, if the show wants to make a change, how about our friends the Future Islands who just had such a memorable performance on the show?

3.  Celebrities: David Blaine’s been doing tricks for celebrities for most of his career, including all of his last TV special.  Not a far cray from cracking wry jokes at their expense.  

4.  In House Talent: Slow night?  Band or celebrity guest cancels last minute?  No problem, David Blaine can just do a magic set.

This is clearly a solid-gold idea.  You’re welcome Letterman Show and David Blaine.  Feel free to send our bonus to What Works Studio.