A very smooth Barkin’ Sarkhan, specialty cocktail by Alex Rudy of Blue Pit BBQ & Whiskey Bar.

The Rabbit Hole Dining Series by Maggie’s Farm is a pop-up dinner series that hosts a guest chef or mixologist, and in this case both.  Bon Banh featured a Franco-Vietnamese menu by Jordan Miller, Executive Chef of the French Kitchen at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, with help from Maggie’s very own Chef Andrew Weinziri.  Chef Miller was accompanied by his friend, mixologist, Alex Rudy.  Some of the aromatic flavors that were used in Alex’s cocktails were created by Chef Miller himself.

The origin of the restaurant’s name, Maggie’s Farm hails from the Bob Dylan song of the same title. Both Chef Andrew, the “Food Cookerer” and General Manager Matt agree that Maggie’s Farm is the essence of that song: a protest to society, refusing to break your back for the man. The catalyst for the Rabbit Hole Series stemmed from the owners wanting “to be everything to everybody” when doors first opened, but the harsh reality was that they needed to cut down.  Maggie’s Farm’s vision was to choose people that wanted to collaborate with, and who shared a similar vision and passion.  Ultimately, they wanted to create a sense of community, especially amongst the restaurant industry; it’s ok for chef’s to share some of their secrets.

What’s awesome about Maggie’s Farm is that they are a farm to table restaurant, with an ever evolving menu that features local/seasonal ingredients. Maggie’s Farm also practices a “whole animal” philosophy, meaning:

They are also known for their specialty drinks and cocktails, Saturday and Sunday brunches, and the special events like the Rabbit Hole Series and Sunday Industry Night (where anyone in the service industry who brings a pay stub gets 20% off).

The ideas at Maggie’s Farm are always evolving. With a staff of humble and compassionate people who are fully invested in what they do they manage to create an incredible atmosphere for customers. Consisting of inexpensive food and delicious drinks, Maggie’s Farm is more than worth the short trek away.


Maggie’s Farm owner, Matt, wearing one of his many hats.



“Purple Porch Drank” – Just for me!

MaggiesFarm_Catfish edit

Wild VA Catfish…absolute bliss. Bouillabaisse, mussels, shrimp dumplings, and herb rice-need I say more?


Crispy Oyster Steamed Bun, a favorite of Chef Andrew.


Book of Secrets


Owner and Chef Andrew (left), Sou Chef Will (right)





The Mixologist Corner

Chef Miller

Chef Miller



French Onion Pho, before the French onion pho broth is poured steaming hot in front of you.


Sou Chef Will


tartine edit

Bahn Mi Tartine…a personal favorite!



Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream


Andy, Social Media Coordinator


Sweet N Sour Escargot