So in case you haven’t heard Robin Williams has officially signed on for a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel and 90s kids everywhere are sliming their pants in unwarranted anticipation, hell there’s a whole thread on reddit calling for sequels to Hook and Jumanji as well. It’s remarkable how many people either don’t remember or are willfully forgetting that Robin Williams is an abomination, a horrifying, schizophrenic, gibbering nightmare who has never once behaved in any way that I recognize as human. On top of that Mrs. Doubtfire is kind of a bad movie. 90s kids are rabid for nostalgia though, nostalgia for a time they were barely cognizant of (most of the people you see reblogging stills from Angry Beavers were probably born in ’96 at the earliest) It’s embarrassing to watch someone post an old Wonderball commercial and then read thirty or so comments underneath where the conversation has just spiraled into people alternately commiserating over the absence of the Tang Monkeys and reminiscing about episodes Double Dare like it was a war they had all served in. I don’t know if anyone even really remembers the 90s at this point, it’s almost an implanted memory fueled by memes and Buzzfeed quizzes. Like I said you really didn’t even have to be born in the 90s as long as you’re old enough to use the internet your pretty much indoctrinated into the false assumption that it was the pinnacle of art and pop culture. What we really ought to do is start posting photos of Ted Kaczynski and CNN footage of Desert Storm with captions reading “Only 90s kids will remember this one!”