Michael Roslan’s compassionate, friendly persona and infectious smile are only some of the qualities that you notice when you meet him. After hearing his life story and witnessing the arduous process he undertakes almost daily, you can’t help but want to be a part of his one-person staff. Roslan is a self-taught doughnut maker who wants to bring old fashion traditions back to his hometown.

Michael Roslan is a jack of all trades: an artist, musician, creator, and father. He was well-established in the tattoo industry for 16 years, when suddenly, in 2012, he was in a motorcycle accident. From that moment on, his life was destine to go in another direction. His travels and life experiences inspired him, and he decided that Baltimore needed a place to get fresh-made doughnuts. And not just any doughnuts: the infamous Diablo Doughnuts.

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A few things make these doughnuts unique: their size, the rising process used to make them, and most notably their esthetic appeal and vibrant flavors. Key lime, fresh strawberry, honey lavender, lemon candy ginger, maple bacon, crème brûlée, and chocolate banana are just a few flavors; but the list is endless. The doughnuts are inspired by whatever Michael’s creative mind feels at the moment; they truly are an artistic outlet for him. Other influences for these delightful creations are local ingredients, conversations with his friends, and his love for food and cooking. Michael’s involvement with food stems from his Mexican/Polish background and the time spent in his grandmother’s kitchen.




Michael started by making doughnuts in his very own kitchen. He served them to friends who owned small businesses and local shops in his neighborhood. Making good use of his famous friends including Rodney Henry of Dangerously Delicious Pies, Michael was able to spread his creativity to a wider audience. His first break came from a job doing daily deliveries to Cafe Latte’da in Fells Point. Most recently he partnered with Jason Hisley of La Cakerie who invited Michael to share his cake shop space and help him further develop his brand.



Michael creates seasonal doughnuts, doughnut wedding cakes, “Drunkin Doughnuts” (an alcoholic version of his doughnuts), and more. He does special orders and home delivers, and you can get them fresh daily around town (La Cakerie locations in Towson and Mt. Vernon, Zeke’s Coffee Shop in Hamilton-Lauraville, Cafe Latte’da in Fells Point and local farmers markets are just a few suggestions). In time Michael hopes to have brick and mortar locations throughout Baltimore city and county and even a Diablo Doughnut food truck.



This influential man is constantly thinking, working, creating, and inventing. As busy as he is and as stressful as his job may seem, Michal Roslan loves what he does and is determined to make a name for himself. When his wild and hectic day is complete, Michael decompresses with a cup of Zeke’s coffee and a visit to the dog park with his best friend Cash Dog.