Beaming with energy, deep breaths, camaraderie, and full blown escapism, the Baltimore music and arts festival at Ramble Woods campgrounds was the kind of immersive weekend we find ourselves pining for amidst pangs of everyday life. Who knew so much stress could be eased with a pretzel float, that such calmness could surface from a short canoe ride, that reaching the end of the coffee truck line could bring such immense satisfaction. Dance pavilion, labyrinth, giant glowing pyramid- it was Kellerman’s from Dirty Dancing meets mod backyard pool parties. Some festival goers may have even dared use the word “magical.” And like many firsts, wide spread echo was heard among attendees as they lamented how, “it just won’t be the same next time.” I expect Fields Festival will become a long held tradition for Baltimore and the rest of the Mid Atlantic, but unlikely that it will maintain the same sense of refuge and mysticism as the first.

Although, maybe if they add a second coffee truck.

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