What Weekly’s mission is to document and fuel the Baltimore Renaissance. independent. Grassroots.Launched in 2010. An award-winning, independent arts and culture web magazine, What Weekly is published by What Works studio, a creative agency driven by positive social change. In an effort to inspire its residents,we focus on the positive contributions of the creative class to the city of Baltimore. We’ve rallied a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, educators and writers that work together to produce media dedicated to telling the positive stories about Baltimore. We believe that by promoting the health and success of Baltimore, we can inspire others to contributeto the betterment of our city. By showcasing what’s amazing about our city with vibrant photos.videos, illustrations, a curated events listing and front-line accounts of events, we aim to capture global attention and put Baltimore on the map as a world-class intellectual and artistic hub.


  • Featured in Technical.ly Baltimore
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  • The Guardian thinks What Weekly is one of Baltimore’s Best Blogs
  • What Weekly won a Best of Baltimore award from Baltimore Magazine: “Best ‘Zine in Z013.”
  • What Weekly was featured in The Huffingston Post. What Weekly won “Best New Magazine” in August 2011 by Baltimore Magazine
  • What Weekly was voted #3 for “Best Baltimore-Related web Site” by Baltimore city Paper readers in 2011
  • What Weekly was featured in the Baltimore city Paper in August 2010.
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We are proud to have a loyal and diverse audience positioned at the intersection of business and creativity. we are the voice of a burgeoning populace that is socially-conscious, upwardly mobile,educated and fueling the creative community. what works studio, the publisher of What Weekly,is a creative agency inspired by storytelling,community,and social change.We’re the agency behind the Baltimore Social Innovation journal, the Inrler Harbor’s Trash wheel social media presence, and last year’s Bmore Gives More campaign, which raised $5.5 Million for local nonprofits in a single day. And, did we mention, we love Baltimore. Have an idea? Interested in Collaborating? Want to chat? Get in touch.