The Art of Transitioning: A Story of Gender Identity and Feeling Okay

Illustration by Gluekit Editor's Note: The names in this story have been altered.  Young and in love Jenny and Ryan moved from the East Coast to a small town in the midwest where they quickly married and gave birth to a baby girl, Maxine. As their story played out, Ryan struggled with addiction and stints in rehab, while Jenny fought to keep them afloat—ho[...]

The Rhythm of Pigtown

"Have you done this before?""Nope.""Perfect."This was the initial conversation I had with Angel, a girl I'd guess to be about 9-years-old. She was one of three kids waiting patiently while I organized chairs and instruments for a community drum circle.As the music started, she hit the drum with restraint, not quite sure the "right" way to[...]

The New American Dream

"...But out of limitations comes creativity." - Debbie Allen"Mr. Jordan! Over the weekend I filled up a cup with beads, taped the top, and made a shaker!"This has been the most potent affirmation that I'm doing my job well at the Baltimore City school where I work as a mental health counselor and resident drum circle facilitator.The student, [...]