Launched in 2010, What Weekly is a digital magazine that harnesses and organizes the power of many local creatives who have worked with us over the years to craft the content….


Behold the rapturous joy on the faces of those celebrating the life and times of the one and only, Kyle Fritz. Attendees waited in lines that stretched through a sea of…

Paco Fish

Photo by Philip Laubner It is difficult to wander the streets of Baltimore’s strange and eccentric world of performance without bumping into Paco Fish. Whether smiling from ten feet in…

Kinetic Sculpture

Last Saturday marked the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM)’s 14th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. Kinetic Sculptures are amphibious, human-powered works of art custom-built for the race which AVAM hosts each May…

Baltimore Afrobeat Society

Performances by the Baltimore Afrobeat Society are both intense and deeply cathartic experiences as well as important cultural gatherings that have become a ritual for many of us. As the dates for their most recent performances approached, fans of the ensemble spoke of the impending celebrations with reverence knowing that these happenings aren’t your typical live shows. They are rites of affirmation.

Still Occupied in New York

Photo by Larry Cohen This week we catch up with Theresa Keil and Larry Cohen whose lot in life seems to be embarking on epic adventures and documenting them so…

Artfisch at 788

  Illustration by Erica Hinson Denny On Thursday, June 2nd, friends, family and admirers of Erica Hinson Denny, a.k.a. Artfisch, gathered at Gallery 788 for her first gallery solo exhibition….